The ébauche is the first fast sketch when you cover up the canvas, when you put things into their places.  It’s a “point and shoot,” direct from the hip kind of painting.  I guess every artist loves that aspect, the part where you mould reality, when you allow yourself to respond to what you see with minimal intervention between thought and execution or between feeling and intention.  Indulgent, I can not wait to finish one picture before beginning another.  Instead I have lined my canvases up,  a regular “Monet,” me and I move from one idea to another– then make the circuit again as though playing the child’s game of musical chairs. 


And when the music stops, one of the pictures will be done, and it’s time to put on some more music.

2 thoughts on “ébauching the ébauche

  1. I was thinking on something of the lines of “begin the beguine.” Glad you were able to learn another thingy about art. I teach things about art, so that others can teach me — about everything else!

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