I got new paper for drawing koi.  It’s texture is different from what I’ve used before, and the size is a “middle” size, smaller than what I’ve recently become accustomed to in my “big koi drawings,” and all these changes collectively make doing these drawings seem very strange and different to their author.  Perhaps they do not look as strange to others as they feel to the artist.  Yet whatever the degrees of difference, I find a renewed appeal in visiting motifs I’ve drawn before and finding that the material resists me.

This second drawing is one I already posted.  I reworked it a bit.  It’s also on the new paper.  These feel like sketches for the large pictures.  When you make drawings around the size of 50 inches, a drawing of about 25 inches feels like a sketch, as a guppy in relation to a grown koi, perhaps….

A detail follows.


4 thoughts on “Koi Rethought

  1. these are so awesome! I love the color and the flow of the strokes! nicely done!!! Please take a look at my “Creative Playground” tab on my blog and click on Social Muze! Its a new site I put together for artists, poets, photographers, just art in general… I hope you will participate 🙂 At least take a peak??? 🙂

  2. Aletha, I love your fish. They brighten my day. It’s great how someone in a different country can give you a lift by sharing their talent and their love for koi.

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