Work on the new koi pond got off to a good start.  I’m doing an experiment with this one, having made the underdrawing with colored pencil over which I’m using Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons in veils of color (like water color).  Some of the early pencil lines will show through from beginning to end so there should be a different feel in the picture’s texture.

Early on the colored pencils have an open, airy look like a drawing made by spiders spinning colored lines of web.

But by the time today’s work was done, a new pond was beginning to appear.  Still lots of work ahead, of course.  Lots of wonderfully enjoyable work ahead.  I’ve gone fishing.  Again.


3 thoughts on “A new koi pond

  1. What have we here! It is different from the others – not completely, of course, but something. Happy fishing Aletha.

    Our big gold fish (were getting to the length of a hand) have disappeared from our pond – maybe a Kookaburra – never mind.

  2. I once heard of a Turkish fairytale where two magicians were in battle and hurling walls of fire (different take on firewalls 😉 at each other and the one wizard turned his enemy’s advancing wall of fire into gold fish – and that’s where they come from! There’s something utterly dreamlike about fish in a pond and you have captured this feeling beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

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