I pause from time to time while I’m working just like anyone else.  And during one of today’s more memorable pauses my mind wandered off to consider the question of still life again.  I was sitting facing my koi painting which I’m just now resuming, but my thoughts had drifted to the possibilities of cabbage — even of many large cabbages, perhaps.  With them might be sleek white leeks, and dusty brown potatoes, and the whole was to be surrounded by the most lovely rich darkness of browns and inky black shadows.  I began quizzing myself why I would be painting this thing, a large modern “larder” picture.

The larder picture would be a study in the beauty of young shades of green like the first sprouts of spring grasses or like the cold sturdy welcoming leaves of a stout cabbage.  Around it all, darkness.  So, how do you make the colors be like layers of light?  Or the dark,  like layers of darkness?

One thought on “What if the Green Was Like Spring?

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