Climbing the stairs I notice how the sight of the skylight above quickens my steps, that seeing the daylight makes me eager to mount another flight, even several flights to the top and the light.  There’s something in the bright spirit that takes you through the slogs and hesitations and weary moments. 

Pictures have different stages in their making.  The blank page has its light expanse fillable with possibility, ready for rapid ideas quickly found.  The middle part of picture making is for making corrections, finding subtler distinctions, for burrowing deep into the thing, for seeing its richer meanings, and can be a place where “real” discoveries are made.  There are those aspects that you did not foresee, and the stage of persistent going forward leads eventually to insightful relatedness among the pieces of thought.

The end has a sense of having come the distance, and how one gets sometimes a new vigor at the end of a race with a sharp taste for new races.  Another project around another corner.  Whatever you have just learned has opened up other doors, and now one sees the possibility of trying these hypotheses.  Restless desire to quit a project can come judiciously at its conclusion bringing yankering for the next path.   Elastic process of energy and tautening and new energy with curiosity and anticipation.  Like running or dancing, feeling a bracing sense of joy as a new task appears.