Another Kind of Green

Another cabbage showed up.  Was compelled to drop everything to draw this cabbage.  Another of those situations where spontaneity rules the day.  If you want to draw garden vegetables, that’s the way it is.  On the other side of this drawing is the boiling pan.  Maybe a little cabbage salad. 

I like this drawing well enough, but the cabbage has escaped it.  Instead I have abstract art.  Well, happy news, I hear that the vegetable seller has a ton of cabbages.  So another cabbage, another day.

Making plans

I like to think about stuff before I do it.  I was the child always asking “are we there yet?”  I am the one who cannot wait and must imagine it if I cannot just have it out-right right now.

Over morning tea I was thinking ahead that way.  Traveling into the future with a pen and some wishful thinking.