I ordered some Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper in bright colors.  I had no idea how bright these bright colors were:  next time I’ll pay more attention!  In this drawing I’m copying a section of the famous Caravaggio’s “Still life with fruit on a Ledge,” recently attributed to the Italian master.  Caravaggio didn’t use a bright red underground in his painting so the color qualities are rather different to say the least.  My version is “Caravaggio in Hell,” figuratively speaking of course!

My copy deals only with the pomegranates and figs in the lower left-hand side of Caravaggio’s painting, which I’m studying from a detail illustrated in a book.

Since the colors were so bright, I decided to just jump right into the 9 x 12 inch tablet.  I’m using the pages in order, consequently the first few drawings will all have bright red grounds!  After those come some bright blue-green, yellow … and I forget all the colors.  But I’m throwing caution to the wind and am simply drawing.  Que sera sera.

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