Ever since that four o’clock in the morning drawing made in the gloom, I’ve discovered that certain kinds of drawing I do better when I don’t think about it at all.  Certainly it’s most easily accomplished — this not thinking about the drawing — when you cannot see.  Hmmm.  Since I cannot always be rising at 4 am (too much work) I have decided that I must find other ways to not-think.  Happily, I’m very near-sighted.  Thus, taking off the glasses is one way of not thinking because I cannot see. 

I’m also contemplating making a regular search for other kinds of wonderfully moody glooms!  Perhaps sitting in the closet with the lights out?  Sounds strange, I know, but you must “suffer” for art (Van Gogh said so). 

Being silly for art — when it works — is okay too.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Glooms

  1. Interesting concept Aletha – I think sitting in a closet (or under a bed maybe) could work quite well – all different perspectives (I’m working on a poem at the moment on perspective, coincidentally, related to our discussions of sitting on roofs and the like – let’s see how that pans out – hmmm).

  2. here’s a few ideas,
    drawing in a rush…can be done easily drawing outside in winter with no gloves.
    drawing after showering, before drying, quick gesture pauses.
    drawing when morning coffee is preparing, the aroma will get your mind occupied.

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