I always feel like I should finish something before moving onto the next thing, but though I feel that way, I rarely heed the feelings.  My life is fraught with interruption.  Moreover, so many of the studies tell us these days that women are the multitaskers — that nature endowed us with great juggling skills due to the fact that our kids would be constantly interrupting us from any task upon which we might seem to be too focused.

Well, why fight Mother Nature?  Indeed, I find that by doing many things I get more done.  Even allowing for various projects I intend to complete but alas didn’t, I still get more done overall by being often busy.  I’ve decided to consider it a virtue.  Let the men aim their minds with laser intention.  Me, I’m livin’ large.


One thought on “Multitasking as a Virtue

  1. Bwahahahaha – you are too funny Aletha ‘livin’ large’ -haha. I know what you mean about the constant interruptions – as you have discovered to your advantage, you just have to accept that part of being a parent and work around it.

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