A Second Cup

For my second cup of tea I switched to crayons.  For my second morning TEA drawing of the day, I thought a little color was in order.


Today’s Morning Tea Drawing

I’ve given up drinking coffee for a season, so I make morning TEA drawings now.  A large mug of Oolong fortifies me now when I first greet the daylight.  So, this was today’s morning TEA drawing.  Made using the favorite pen.  Of course.

Seeking the confusion

More and more I have been drawing a more cluttered still life.  I’ve been seeking different sorts of challenge, and one of them is the still life whose “background” includes objects that confuse the figure/ground relationship.  I like confusion.  So when I realized that setting the vase of flowers in front of painting of flowers was putting colors into strange relation with the colors “behind” them, I found a new idea.  In the drawings  the whole painting is never visible enough to read as a painting;  it’s just various colors behind the colors of the objects, all similar enough to make telling what is in front and what is behind a question.

Even in a photo, you can clearly see what happens.

I found a new baby

I have some white flowers that are getting lost — white flowers, white paper, and then there’s a drawing behind the flowers in the actual still life.  A very fun confusion indeed.

Still brandishing the pen!

… which as Everyone knows is “mightier than the sword.”

And this is no ordinary pen.  It’s my favorite pen.

This drawing above is after Bonnard (a detail of a Bonnard).

Favorite (and mighty) pen.  Favorite artist (Bonnard), favorite object (compotier). 

Who can ask for anything more?