Not drawing today

I was painting! Da tah!  And I can show a few peeks at what’s on the easel.  But only some hints.  Because my studio is a secret bunker and the work in progress is Top Secret.

All that stuff I’ve been drawing with my crayons and with the favorite pen are being turned into paint.

Yep, I’ve given the favorite pen the day off.  It’s been just me and the paint brushes today.

But the blue compotier didn’t get the day off!  No, sirree!

Nah, the blue compotier is workin’ over-time.


Today’s catch is flowers not fish

I was supposed to paint today, but I never got the lid off the paint tubes.  Instead I just had to draw.  I am drawing the stuff that I am going to paint — that I have already started painting.  But before I even did that, I took my walk.  Did my “walk” drawings.

Have a little notebook to carry.  Now just for the record, these were not made with the favorite pen.  It’s a very nice pen that I used, but was not the favorite.  The favorite pen stays behind when I walk.

Made a couple little “detail” scribble thingys.

One of these, surely, ought to be turned into a postage stamp.  Is about the right size.  Wouldn’t you want to put this on your envelop?

Then back at the ranch, I drew some more.  My flowers are so patient.

They’re also very cheerful.  Or maybe it was me that was cheerful.

Got the vase to stand for one alone, too.

After that, the grand finale … for today anyway.