I was painting! Da tah!  And I can show a few peeks at what’s on the easel.  But only some hints.  Because my studio is a secret bunker and the work in progress is Top Secret.

All that stuff I’ve been drawing with my crayons and with the favorite pen are being turned into paint.

Yep, I’ve given the favorite pen the day off.  It’s been just me and the paint brushes today.

But the blue compotier didn’t get the day off!  No, sirree!

Nah, the blue compotier is workin’ over-time.


7 thoughts on “Not drawing today

  1. Such beautiful colours – I know you love your compotier, but I am also partial to the blue (is it a butter dish) object in front of the compotier (I do love cuby type things – like your honey jar) 🙂

  2. These make me wish I was you or was spending time in your company — to be able to paint like this is to be a joyous person! Wow! My favorite is the peek at the painting in the second to last picture.

  3. Howdy Bill! So glad that my colors have cheered you. Is it raining in California? If it is I hope you have recorded it with your brush. Hope you and Mrs. Bill have a Merry Christmas and that you have a very painterly new year.

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