Decided that yesterday’s idea was working out pretty well, so I’m doing small things while the child is having holidays from school.  Sneak in a little painting here and there and make progress by inches!

I painted these apples by lamp light while the child snoozed….


4 thoughts on “Winter break painting

  1. Wonderful – you are doing very well to squeeze in these activities 🙂 and I do appreciate these lovely shades of red that you have been working with recently (you know how I love red).

  2. I always appreciate your work. Can relate to the difficulty of squeezing in pleasure of art and the love of kids. Lovely colour.

  3. Always glad to use shades of red, Gabe; thank you Cheryl for the kind words; and is not the compotier this time, Ben, except perhaps subliminally. Hmm, could the compotier be a symbol for the koi …????

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