Ever since silly Andy Warhol, some artists (not this one) have assiduously sought their fifteen minutes of fame.  Instead of searching for that, however, they should seek fifteen minutes of drawing.  When fifteen minutes is all you’ve got, what the heck, go for it.  That’s what I did today.  I was at the National Gallery of Art.  A glance at my watch told me I had about twenty minutes until my parking meter expired.  That meant fifteen minutes to draw.  So I took it, drawing a detail from Paul Cezanne’s Peppermint Bottle.

After I got home I drew my blue compotier with the same urgency I had used in front of Cezanne’s picture.  It’s amazing how much you can extract from just fifteen minutes.

Give me fifteen minutes of drawing over fame any day.

5 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes of It

  1. Fame is not something anyone should seek – I need my privacy. Andy Warhol is in my book of Aspergers heroes (people throughout history who probably had ASD) :)Can of soup anyone?

  2. Your site is absolutely fascinating to me. I just stored it on my favorites to visit it at will. I read your article on abstraction I believe year 2008 and will go back to it to better register it. Please if you can, visit my Avatar Thank you Nicole

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