Every once in a while I do something specifically in emulation of an artist I admire, and yet often I fail afterwards to see any connection between my picture and the other artist’s picture.  In this drawing I was searching for the strange beautiful color-relationship of Bonnard, and I didn’t think I found it.  But looking at the drawing again, I discover that I did get something after all.  A start. 

The first steps of a path are not to be underestimated.  Is a beginning after all …

and beginnings are wonderful!


6 thoughts on “Flowers past

  1. commenting ona painting from the photo of the painting is wrong but I like your painting very much, send me some more please. God bless you, Solomon

  2. if Picasso and Matisse were the greatest artists of the 20 th century, I think Bonnard was its greatest painter, and you get him completely. Flowers Past is an admirable tribute and a gorgeous piece in itself. Bravo!

    Thank you, Vincent, for your kind words.

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