An artist friend of mine was saying that she wished that her work was looser.  She does very linear — and wonderful, beautiful — pictures.  And her ccmment set me thinking again about the tension between a loose approach and an incisive one.  Like my friend, I’ve wanted to push myself toward a looser manner of depiction yet often I feel something holding me back.  Am not sure what it is.

One way of inquiring into the question, however, is to copy an artist whose loose approach to things I find continually fascinating.  So I whipped out the Bonnard book.  (Would be nice to whisk myself off to see the real Mccoy but it’s at MOMA and I’m in DC.)

If I copy something that is loose, I am loose.  Push toward the incisive as much as I please.  If it’s loose, so am I.

Hanging loose.


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