This is my special little abstract painting.  It sits in the secret bunker studio and becomes the repository of odd bits of paint that didn’t get used.  I apply them to this panel, as whimsy dictates, rather than wipe them onto the rags that end up in the can.

And this is the top of a drawing of a raisin box (a detail) in a still life.  To my mind it has a lot in common with the special little still life despite having a very different history.  Delacroix said and experience proves him correct that the artist’s primary subject is himself.  This is not about narcissism (though that’s sometimes true as well) instead Delacroix merely observed that artists make all kinds of unconscious choices — from motif, to media, to compositional organization — and these things become the picture, and in an inescapable way what they picture forth is the soul.


5 thoughts on “Who you are

  1. I absolutely love your writing and your painting style. I wish I could use such vibrant colours so comfortably like you do!However, I do have lots of time to experiment and build onto my portfolio.

    I envy you, for you have such a unique style, and the time to express yourself as you please. My grade eleven student with a part time job status limits my time for artwork, but I do hope to pursue post-secondary education in the feild.

    Lovely, again!

  2. I don’t actually have as much time for work as it might sometimes seem, but I have learned to make pretty good use of the time I have available each day — have become a better manager of my time. (Sometimes I also learn to do with less sleep than formerly, but I’m not always happy about that part.) Thank you for the kind words.

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