I have a painting that I am going to finish soon.  Really.  And I plan to resume working on it.   Having studied my calendar diligently I feel very confident of being able, very soon, to find myself reliably in the vicinity of the easel and the paint — for you know it’s difficult to paint when you are occupying one portion of the space-time and the canvas and tools are occupying quite another.

It’s been a busy month.

And during my unintended sabbatical from painting, I stir my hopes by doing same-size drawings of the motif.  It is almost like being there.  I draw the same shapes, apply the same colors, get some very similar effects, and so have a rehearsal of my idea and satisfy a bit of the longing for the motif.

And if one definition of “classicism” is the desire to perfect an ideal — well, I’m traveling that road.  Not by choice, necessarily, but I’m traveling.  It was forced upon me by the big “Detour” signs I encounter at every turn of an overly hectic days. 

But I won’t complain too much.  As long as my friends permit me to keep posting repetitious views of the same motif.

5 thoughts on “My classicism

  1. repetitious is good, the subject is familiar so we can focus on the details, the beautiful stokes, the slight change in colours, the accentuated shadows, the shifting of the red splash.

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