Me and Delacroix, getting inspired

I had a yen to drawing something large, and to do the koi in a more expressive way.  I’ve been reading Delacroix’s Journal again and discover that as I read certain images come to mind — in this case not his images, but my own.  Ideas for things to do, motifs from my own past that find encouragement from Delacroix’s enthusiasm for boldness and invention.  There’s always some longings and hankerings that go right back to the heart of why you started doing art in the first place.   Today at the secret bunker studio, I decided to let myself indulge my bold mood with a new koi drawing. 

I just started it, but even in the first stage I saw that the fish were growing.  These are going to be some much bigger fish.  While I was away doing landscape, these guys were getting big!