On not being rude to the Fish

I remind myself that I made this drawing expressly to be crude, by which I do not mean to insinuate anything about my beloved koi, rather I mean that my motive for drawing was to get at something very sketchy — only to do it in a larger scale — to give myself the same freedom I would own when working small.

I need to remind myself as I go, for the sake of each of those times when I step back, experience surprise and silently tell myself, “oh, that’s a bit abrupt.” 

Well that was the whole idea.

The Big Unknown

I want drawing to be direct.  I want to draw the way I imagine an archer aiming a bow.  You see, decide, you let go.  I am always trying to be as direct as possible.  I think the color goes here, that this is the shape of the line, and I put it down.  Sometimes — no, make that “often” — I don’t quite know what the shape of the line is.  I perceive the line as an idea that I only partly understand.  There’s an opportunity hidden in this ignorance, for when you don’t know what the shape is you’ve found the moment to be bold.