Spring is coming and I am thinking about working outside again.  There are artists who brave any kind of weather to work en plein air.  Well, I’m not one of those artists!  Give me comfort and sunshine!  Nevertheless, even with comforts provided I am not one to just dash off and paint Nature.  I don’t know why, but I just like to make all kinds of preparations.  I need a script.  There are rehearsals.  Call me cautious.

Or maybe I just like to dream.  Have my cup of tea and think about big open spaces.  Light and air.  Spent this morning imagining kinds of landscape that I might (very cautiously) depict in the open air once the air is nice and pleasant.

I had big things in mind.  But little sketches in hand.  And plans to plan.  A very successful teatime, if I may say so myself.


4 thoughts on “Thinking Small to Think Big

  1. A première vue, j’ai aimé le scenario no2, j’y ai vu un couché de soleil entre deux îles, puis scenario no3 m’a intéressé, avec ses gros nuages courant dans le ciel.
    Scenario no1, plus instinctif et mystérieux: la campagne, les champs défilant a la fenêtre du train qui file.

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