I’m happy to report that one of my paintings found its way into The Moth, a literary magazine of Ireland.  Also in this issue of The Moth is a drawing that my kid made which was featured here at Art Writing Bold Drawing back in July of 2009.  This pleasant development makes me a happy artist and a proud mom.

So, WOW!  And a big thanks to The Moth for inviting us to participate in this month’s magazine.

The other Doll, the one with Big Hair, she is not so happy.  To be upstaged by that rag doll!  Oh, the ignominy!  Why that other doll hasn’t got any interesting hair at all. 

You can’t please everybody.


7 thoughts on “A Doll In “The Moth” Magazine

  1. Wow, that is awesome – congrats on you both (and that other doll will just have to get a thicker skin – haha). So does this mean if I get a copy of the magazine that I will find out your real name?

  2. Do you believe in coincidence?
    I just saw this morning that 2 of my favorite painter/artist/women/friend/Aletha/Ujwala had a painting in the same magazine!
    Congratulations to both and to your junior artist, Aletha.
    And be gentle with the big hair doll, big hair is not that easy to live with…

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