Drawing whatever you can, in whatever way you can, whenever you can has become something of a motto with me lately.  I have put too many limits upon myself.  Not that they’re bad limits, they’re not.  They are very fine limits.  But I wonder sometimes down what paths drawing might lead me if I were to draw things more randomly from life, as I once used to do, or if I drew even a few things that do not swim (though I won’t give up my koi, of course).  In short, I find myself hankering after a more spontaneous life.

Some jonquils turned up around here, were deposited into a dark blue vase, and it happened to be a nice day, so I took them outdoors, placed them on a platform and drew them quickly.  The fast and mostly unedited moment is presented above.  Draw what you can, when you can, in whatever manner you can draw it.  It’s a great motto!


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