If I could be somebody else, say some fabulous gal from art history, you don’t have to ask me twice who I’d pick.  Mme Moitessier, the London version, by J.A.D. Ingres

I want that dress!  I contemplate Mme Moitessier, de temps en temps, with a pen in hand, and I think I see a little of myself in her.  In the drawings below I was doing her from memory.

Refreshed my memory a little between sketches, and thus the fan she holds in her left hand begins to drift into place.

I should warn readers that portraying yourself as someone else may reveal things about yourself that you’d rather not know.  It does give your subconscious free rein, a time to play, and a time to get heavy!  My inner Madame Moitessier is a little scary. 

She gets a little more scary with each iteration.  Woah!  Better get back to landscape!

Madame Moitessier and Miss Hyde!


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