Working on the fingerings

The nearest thing I can liken to drawing is the process of learning to play a musical instrument.  There are many similarities.  With the koi, I am currently learning to play a new piece.  This new piece is more difficult than some of the ones I’ve played in the past; consequently it’s taking many more practice sessions just to learn the basic parts.  I have to know where to put my fish, and as regular readers know they are very slippery fellows.

I did another study today.  It reminded me of violin sessions when I learn the fingering of a new piece.  You learn where to put your fingers to perform a piece in an optimal way, or in this case you learn where to put your fish. 

I was using the point and shoot method (not to be confused with shooting fish in a barrel).  I think the contour of the fish goes “here.”  That’s where I put it.  And, oh, afterwards from my lips the “oopsies” are wont to fly!

Drawing, talking, remembering

Back in 1986 the National Gallery of Art mounted a beautiful exhibit of Matisse’s paintings from that period when he lived in Nice.  Mom and I saw the show together.  It’s hard to believe that was a quarter century ago!  I was looking through the catalog while talking to her on the phone today.  She didn’t remember our visiting the exhibit, but I reminded her that we did.  We had wandered through that enormous exhibit like two ladies of leisure.  I remember well the lazy way we paused in front of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful colors, the clear light of those paintings, and the feeling of elegance and serenity those paintings evoke.  It was as though peace and calm and quiet orderly life might go on forever.

While I was talking to mom, I made a pen drawing of one of Matisse’s exotic young women.  They look out from the pictures with a dewy youth that is eternal.  Today’s “phone conversation drawing.”