The nearest thing I can liken to drawing is the process of learning to play a musical instrument.  There are many similarities.  With the koi, I am currently learning to play a new piece.  This new piece is more difficult than some of the ones I’ve played in the past; consequently it’s taking many more practice sessions just to learn the basic parts.  I have to know where to put my fish, and as regular readers know they are very slippery fellows.

I did another study today.  It reminded me of violin sessions when I learn the fingering of a new piece.  You learn where to put your fingers to perform a piece in an optimal way, or in this case you learn where to put your fish. 

I was using the point and shoot method (not to be confused with shooting fish in a barrel).  I think the contour of the fish goes “here.”  That’s where I put it.  And, oh, afterwards from my lips the “oopsies” are wont to fly!


2 thoughts on “Working on the fingerings

  1. Haha – ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ – ssshhhh! the Koi might hear you. It is a bit like developing ‘muscle memory’ for playing an instrument, or driving a car, or whatever the endeavour – you need to practice or the muscles won’t remember 😉

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