Fast thinking

Sometimes I need to remind myself that drawings are thoughts.  Look, notice what you are seeing, follow its lines and colors with your tools, and voila, a drawing exists.  Whenever I get stumped about what to do, from now on, forever, I want to remind myself to open my eyes. 

There’s a certain kind of drawing that consists of look-think.  And that’s the quick kind of drawing that I offer today.

What I imagined beforehand that I would see is this:

Or maybe this:

You see, I imagined the scene earlier today, before I did my lightening quick drawing.  When I was thinking about the familiar motif this morning, in my fast postage stamp way, the trees were so much more orderly, giving way to the little house.  Well, it turns out there was a lot more tree than I had reckoned.  Boy, how trees do grow!  More so in life than even in memory!