Not a cloud in the sky

If there’s not a cloud in the sky that’s supposed to mean that everything’s going just great.  But the saying really gives clouds a bad rap, don’t you think?  I mean, speaking as an artist, clouds are certainly there making a landscape more interesting.  What kind of sky is going to have no clouds?  A really boring sky, that’s what kind. 

And the really, really keen thing about clouds is that you can pretty much put them where you want them.  You can decide how many, where they ought to go, whether they should be fluffy or whispy, huge or small (relatively speaking of course).  All that. 

People should look at the sky more, and if artists do their jobs right, they can inspire a better appreciation of things celestial.  Yes, indeed, get the average person to gaze at the sky, and then things will be looking up for sure.