I have been learning new music.  It’s a difficult part.  I’ve had to work through it in sections.  Sometimes the melodic line confuses me.  Sometimes it’s the intonation that is fuzzy.  Sometimes I cannot figure out the interpretation — or the dynamics, or the tempo.  Getting all the parts to balance is very difficult.  These koi!  What a large chorus of voices!

I realize I’m mixing my metaphors.  But this is a tough gig!

We are going to have to schedule more rehearsals, the koi and I.

Il faut refaire la même chose dix fois, cents fois.  (You must redo the same thing ten times, a hundred times.)  I keep telling them.

And them, they just sing louder!

6 thoughts on “Many long rehearsals

  1. First, I would like to thank you so much for the advice you posted on my blog! I recieved it, but had not thanked you during my short hiatus from blogging, it has been truly helpful and inspiring to me.

    I have been working on a number of projects, and pouring a lot of my time into them, which is a relief to me in a way; I love having time to do what I love, but now I have to share it. When it comes to posting on my blog, that will have to wait, as my art teacher is holding many of my peices hostage in order to record marks onto my mid-term report. Now, on the other hand, I have six spots in an art show within my community at the end of this month, which still feels a bit unreal as I say it, because it is hard to believe that I made it happen; I had lots of guidance from others, but because of such guidance I took a step.

    Not only would I like to thank you for the artwork you share with the world that drew me to this blog (along with your insights), but also for that little bit of guidance. It means the world to me.

    Taylor Gear

  2. Taylor,

    Congratulations on your upcoming exhibit. And thank you for all your kind words. Art is a wonderful adventure, isn’t it?


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