The format of the picture sometimes just seems to be there.  It isn’t typically the subject of very much scrutiny.  But I have been doing landscape so often in a horizontal format, that I wondered if it was time to think about vertical life.  The tall trees seem even taller when you let the sides of the picture reinforce their vertical stretch.

I like tall trees.  I like anything that inclines my mind upward.  For someone who so frequently paints the koi, I am actually (it may surprise you to learn) a very skyward inclining person. 

Of course even the koi pond reflects the sky, you know.  I’m on a campaign to get people to look up!


4 thoughts on “Going Vertical

  1. i am begging you again to please please think of teaching a class around DC. I just love love your work, every single day

  2. And why not use a vertical format! You don’t need to convince me to look upwards – how do you feel about the stars (or are you a strictly day sky person 😉 )?

  3. I am very pro-star. And I have done a night scene — or two — some time back in foggy memory. I need to revisit the night idea — and stars as well.

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