What I learned from Henri Matisse:  “Look at Nature.  Make stuff up.”

It’s not easy drawing from life.  Clouds float away.  The light changes.  Stuff happens.  If you attempt to depict everything “exactly” the way you find it you’ll go bonkers.  So you look at Nature and make stuff up.

That’s what I did in this one, though I cheated a little, was looking out a window.


9 thoughts on “What I learned from Henri Matisse

  1. Hello Aletha.

    I saw your profile picture in a thread on one of Subroto Ray’s posts and had to look further. Great work, love your color and loose vibrant paintings. But your drawings really catch my eye. Good drawing seems rare these days.

    Paint on!!

  2. Kaylyn, I was just looking at your blog. Tried to leave a comment but I don’t think it took. Was intrigued by your painting of the globe. Is a motif with lots of potential, kind of suggestive of “landscape” as well as still life …. Very nice.

  3. I asked for a new pad of nice, toothy paper and some pastels for my birthday next week! You have inspired me with your fabulous use of colour! Let’s see what I come up with….

  4. I’ve inspired YOU with color?? You are such a colorist already!! But I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I got this from another internet artist friend today. I’m sure you know what pastels are, but I thought her explanation for her friends was very good. And the photo of her pastel box is luscious


  5. Kaylyn,
    Patricia Scarborough’s pastel of the landscape is very beautiful, looks almost like an oil painting in its depth of effects. Thank you for posting the link. — Aletha

  6. Oh oops! the tiny print kept me from seeing the other address. Sorry for butting in on that! And your colors and movement have inspired ME!!

  7. Kaylyn, The print is small, but don’t be too modest because we all inspire each other. I love being able to learn about painting from other artists via the internet — your work and that of all the others I encounter here — we’re always learning, always — Aletha

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