One of the challenges of writing a blog is that while you develop an audience of regular readers, you always hope to snag new readers and the new readers who are encountering your blog for the first time do not know the undercurrents and continuing themes that explain what you’re doing. 

Or, if you change the writing – particularly with a sense of capturing both new readers and new ideas – neither sets of readers (regulars or new-comers) are likely to know what you’re doing.

I like to experiment with writing.  Sometimes the result comes out a bit odd.  I have decided to sometimes put ideas into the voices of characters, to let imaginary people speak – or rant.  (Sometimes they gently rant.)  

I’m not sure if it makes any sense to anyone besides me.  And I’m not sure who will even find this explanation that tells the story of the more bizarre posts.  

Truly a blog post is a message in a bottle.  You write it, you stuff it in the bottle, you cast it out in the ebb tide.  You wave your hankie in a broad gesture of “hail and farewell” and after many days perhaps it returns with glad tidings.


6 thoughts on “Note in a Bottle (a second bottle)

  1. bwahahahahaha – i of course responded to your first Note In A Bottle before reading this post Note In A Bottle (a 2nd bottle).

    yes. a message in a bottle. i can see how a blog post is that. i like that idea.

    of course… i like the idea of a message in a bottle as well. we want someone to read (find) what we’ve done. we want that connection – to a stranger or a known entity either one. both have a value for us. and if we do not have it or can not have it, the idea or hope that we will… sometimes… that is the line we cast with our bottles.. and sometimes that is enough to sustain us… the possibility of hope…

    in an overall response to your “will the new reader understand” – because we are all new readers at some point… (and may be you have already done this – as i have not thoroughly explored every bit of your blog) – the short explanation you give here in this post could be planted in the side panel area.

    or. it could be a separate page of a drop down menu across the top or side of the blog – with something simple as the title – like “Home” is simple and usually understood to me the first most or most recent post or front of the blog or site.

    a title that might clue the reader in to check it if they wish to understand the context of the blog. “Puzzled?” perhaps. or “What This Is” to be more direct. or “This Blog”. something that an intrigued reader might want to delve into. …if not the first time they read a post on the blog. then… may be on the 2nd. or 19th. or 31st…

    i like what you’re doing. and your approach.

    i also like.. writing a note on a bottle… and leaving it somewhere. or tossing it in the sea. …if you have a sea or a pond or a river, near by to toss into…

    there is something of the element of hope in that action. and i like that. it’s a very human trait. and as i said. sometimes hope is enough to sustain us and keep us going.

    again. way cool on your bottles. i like the line energy. the use of color that brings the bottle forward. fun.

    …and now for another message. in a comment bottle. . .

    Magic Happens. It is all around you. Laughter.

    do you know about Glamourbombs? do you play in mail art? fun things to explore. aloha.

  2. I have thought a long the same lines Aletha. It is always a bit strange coming upon a new blog and not knowing exactly what they are about (sometimes it feels like being an observer at a party and you don’t know when to join in, with a comment for example). You could put a type of explanation in the side bar or in your About Aletha section.

  3. I was thinking of adding another page regarding comments and fictions and experiments in the writing. It’s on my “to do” list (which is becoming a very long list — drawing a certain Australian friend is on that list too … I need staff). Anyway, it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in experiencing some blogger’s anxiety!

  4. Thank you both,Gabe and Rick, by the way, for the good ideas.

    Rick, ever since I began writing a blog, I have also thought about future readers as recipients of the messages, even in another generation (if the technology persists), but that might be more of a “bookish” orientation. Certainly books find kindred spirits in the very far distant futures unknown to their authors. In any case, you make the connection you can … and you’re wise to see that as a strong form of hope.

  5. aloha Aletha – no – the bookish orientation applies (imo). i think you’re thinking is right on. what you do today. now. is both for the viewer’s who live and see and experience today. now. as well as those in the future and distant future.

    i believe we (i) should keep that in mind when i create. this is one of the reasons i believe i should create with the most archival materials that are available to me and functional within the context of the work (that means i may use transient material at times when appropriate. and sometimes even when it is intended to disappear or fall apart as part of the work or process of the work – and i do that at times too).

    yes, our work should (also imo) be relative to our world of today – but also universal. that is relative to all worlds of tomorrow as well. that to me would be a good quality in a work. a very desirable quality in any work. to transcend my own time and culture and society as well as be pertinent/relavant to my own culture and world and society. will my work do that? time will tell. if i keep that in mind and aim at it, i think there is at least a chance that it will. and i then have a hope for exactly that.

    i see the work on the net – the blog for instance – or computer – digital work – as another tool in our equipment that we can use to create. and. i am really excited about the idea that many futures from now this stuff we are creating in blog and through digital technology can and will be mined. or more correctly may be… archeologized. explored by anthropologists and cultures a thousand years – or may be 10 years from now. from now – the time of it’s creation – on through a thousand thousand… okay a lot – of generations. i like that idea a lot.

    we are creating time capsules in a way the world has never before experienced.

    we are pioneers in a new media. and in fact a new frontier. this net thing is a new frontier of human existence. and it will be, can be, here in many ways for many futures and many generations to come. that is exciting.

    not only the anthropologists and archeologists of the future will be able to excavate our sites but individuals who wish to explore on their own will be able to do so too. and wow. the things they will be able to uncover. and explore and re-explore. and advance from where we have taken it.

    so… i say… explore on. in any way you can think of. and keep in mind there will be an audience. today. and now. as well as tomorrow and the nows of many years in the distance of human life futures. wow. amazing. exciting (imo).

    because already. we can dig through long ago sites. okay. 10 years ago sites – 15 years ago sites – 20 years ago sites??. and see where the net has gone. where technology has gone. moved. advanced. wow amazing. wow exciting.

    already there are anthropologists culling the material. watching what happens as it unfolds and tracing back where it has come from. already there are hidden sites. and there are amazing sites that are in plain view that are waiting to be discovered. wow. really amazing sites too. it is not just the genius that is important. it is every individual. and technology now gives each of us a way to become known for generations into the future.

    our world is changing. we are part of that change. it is an unprecedented change that is happening at an unprecedented pace. we are creating and redefining what our world is every second with each letter/word we place here… we are re-defining what a book is and can be as well as what a human being is and can be too.

    Human Being: the creature that uses the net and digital technology as a communication devise as well as a way to create.

    so i say. advance in any way you are able to conceive in this new technology. in this new frontier. blog. create. explore. become. let loose your imagination. explore what you can do with this new material. probe the possibilities. this new medium. this new frontier. on it. in it. and with it.

    fun. that is.. fun to me. that is what i want to do.

    and in the end – right now, being able to reach millions of viewers… we have the opportunity to become even more personal in our work. to become more our self. the more we become our self, i believe the more human we become and we will see our commonality with all human beings AS WELL AS our distinct individual uniqueness that can be the one and only you. or me. that we are.

    …which is why i want to become the best me i can be. no other human being will ever have that opportunity – the becoming of the best me, that i have.

    so… go for it. do it your way. communicate so that others understand, explore you and this technology and go for the uniqueness that is you. (imo) wow. awesome. and fun.

    okay. i got carried away. again. rambled. those who get to know me a little know i do that on topics i like sometimes. i hope you dont mind.

    fun on. explore on. art on. aloha.

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