Don’t know when you’ll get this.  I hope you made good progress with your work.  Do not forget your assigned writing.  I am reading that book you recommended which in your characterization made it sound so wonderful.  It begins a bit slowly, but then it becomes ravishing. 

I am back to the diary.  Parts of it are probably going to be – let’s just say – provocative.  At least as provocative as your looking at me in that way that I found so unsettling and disarming.  So you’ve been given fair warning.

I am trying to make the writing beautiful.  I do the best I can.  Not for me the rhetoric of modern art.  The interpretation I put on the dream was true in its way, even though it was the Disney version.  The landscape also had meaning – much meaning.  The dream ends with the landscape


5 thoughts on “Note in a Bottle

  1. interesting writing. a puzzle for the context.

    is this a letter? written when?
    is it an excerpt? from what?
    is it an imaginary conversation/writing?
    is it dated?

    of course… i like mystery and puzzles. so cool on questions arising too.

    in a bottle. hmmm….

    way interesting drawing. i really like the strength of shape as well as the value range in the graphite – plus… the textural element again in the line. cool.

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