“So I set about copying the way things looked, trying to get the concept of reality down.  Franz Kline once told about a class he had.  A lady said to him, ‘I don’t know what to do with this painting.’  He said, ‘Well, where you see green put down green, where you see blue put down blue.’  And that is true.  And it’s very hard to do.  He hasn’t really explained anything, or he’s explained everything.  One or the other.  Nothing or everything.”    Fairfield Porter, Artists In Their Own Words, p 134

[at the top:  Fairfield Porter, Still life with Casserole, 1955, American Museum of Art Smithsonian]


4 thoughts on “How to Paint, Explained

  1. bwahahahaha – i too thought you’d painted it, Aletha. altho i also thought it looked a lot like some of bonnard’s interiors. yeah. how to paint. the more i paint, the more i dont know how to paint. i just have to keep trying to figure that out each time i paint now.

  2. Jose Maria Parramon said something like that he said.
    I think it is really important “to see”.
    to see the colors,light,lines…

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