In the television series Star Trek, members of the Star Ship Enterprise , who live constantly on the edge of daring and danger, encounter the occasional worm hole.  It’s supposed to be based on actual hypotheses of astro-physics and entertains the idea that space might be shaped and contorted by gravity.  In Star Trek ships enter these spatial corridors as a train goes through a tunnel, and the worm hole leads the crew from here to there, a “there” in which wild, stirring  adventures happen.

My koi picture is shot through with holes and corridors of a different kind.  Hungry fish open their mouths and beckon food inside.  In the real pond small objects sometimes get sucked into the vortex also (to be spat out after).  But small things could disappear in there.  And in imagination’s pond — what might these koi draw into their hungry mouths?  Dreams perhaps?

When I look at the koi pond, I can believe that space might be scattered through with worm holes — ones that could be hungry too! — like the koi.


6 thoughts on “Worm Holes

  1. I’m sure space is. Did you know that the surface of the ocean is not even even – gravity makes it higher in some areas (relatively of course) than other areas – a dimply ocean of sorts. Lovely post Aletha – and sorta scary 😉

  2. aloha Aletha and Gabrielle – bwahahaha – scary – in this case – is being the size of a bit of food dropped into that pond. then those hungry wormholes would be scary TeRRiFyInG no matter what color. (sorry if the strike out thing doesnt work – i’ve never tried it before).

    i like this koi work. beautiful line. beautiful movement. beautiful color.

    yesterday – or that is May 5th – was Children’s Day (as well as Cinco de Mayo). a number of the neighbors where i live celebrate this day of Golden Week in traditional Japanese ways. one way being the flying carp/koi wind socks. which have an open mouth when facing into the wind.

    your image of koi reminds me of this open-moth windsock look (i took photos of some carp windsocks that day) – as well as koi in a pond . the koi gulping wind – and anything flying in that wind – an interesting thought. wind sock worm holes.

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