Either I wear glasses or contacts, or else I stumble around.  My vision is bad enough that if I put my glasses down momentarily on the table, I sometimes have trouble seeing well enough to retrieve them afterwards because glasses are small and I am near-sighted.

When I painted this I was in a glasses only phase, I guess, between episodes of contact lens wear.  And I’ve always had a problem with drawing my glasses in a portrait.  It’s not that they’re difficult to draw or anything like that.  I just never draw them.  I draw the distortions that glasses create, but I omit the frames and get this slightly disjointed quality in the face.

I think that deep down I have an aversion to my glasses.  I appreciate the clear vision they provide, but I want to see my face as simply a face.  I have two personalities.  The public one that wears the glasses, and the inner me who has simply a face.  The conflict between them produces a sum that is just a little bit cubist.  Well, that’s the least of it now.  I made this portrait ages ago. 

I suppose you won’t be surprised to know that the real me doesn’t have grey hair either.


2 thoughts on “The Real Me Doesn’t Wear Glasses

  1. Haha – the real me is only 18 😉 I have similar issues with seeing – I’m blind as a bat without glasses (it is most pathetic seeing a grown woman with outstretched hands, searching in a somewhat panicked fashion, for her lost glasses) 🙂 It’s good to see you Aletha.

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