Spring cleaning is a time of perpetual surprise.  I found this in the attic, this picture that I forgot I had even painted.  The sentinel tree lives at a nearby wildlife preserve.  I did this, I’m guessing, about twenty years ago.  I’ve done a lot of landscape drawing this year and some landscape painting.  But in looking for something to compare/contrast with this picture, I decided to use a drawing I made last spring.  It was one of the first really fine days and I took off during lunch to draw a little at my regular place.

It’s a bit of “apples and oranges” since the media are completely different.  But looked at as merely images, I’d say that I’ve gotten a lot weirder as I mature.  At a certain point in life you get comfortable  — finally — and then you can really let your hair down — and let your tree’s branches go wild.

[A little black speck to the right of the top of the sentinel tree is an ant.  He had the nerve to crawl on my picture as I was photographing it.  Filing that under “everyone’s an art critic.”]

2 thoughts on “More Memory Lane

  1. Ant as art critic – haha. I love the simplicity of the first picture and the surreal weirdness of the second (no offence). Enjoy your spring cleaning.

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