I saw a quote once.  I think it was from Cicero, questioning whether one could have foreknowledge of events that occur by chance and which occur apparently without cause.  I’ve been wondering about it since:  could it be possible to have foreknowledge of a random, life changing event?

Clearly there’s a difference between a prediction and something that is foreseen.  The former is an educated guess and may seem very clever or prescient but is nonetheless based on logic.  But what about something that cannot be predicted from reason? 

Well, of course I think about things like an artist.  Objects have shapes that the artist describes through line.  And a story has a kind of shape too in the narration of events.  The story’s author invents or makes this shape appear.  But can actual life have shape, and if so what sort of shape does life have?  What are the boundaries?  Where the edges?  Besides just birth and death?  We don’t recall our beginnings and cannot foresee our end, and so we live solidly in a very mysterious middle passage.

In the realm of the possible, the probable, and the improbable is there a vantage from which life’s shape might be spied? How is your reality known and separated out from the things that could happen but which will not ever take place?

You learn as you live about the general features of life.  But within the sphere of life forecasting, what interpretations suggest themselves?  Don’t you find that you have questions that you’ve never heard anyone answer adequately?  One often hears the creativity catch phrase about “thinking outside the box.”  Yet before you can “think outside the box,” you must have a box.  How do you find the box?

I am strange to ponder these things and not be a gypsy.


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