In a dream a round pond, as round as a coin, sits hidden in the far distance.  You walk a long path to find it, a long path that leads away from the house on a walk that starts at the back door steps.  You walk down hill and field under a sky filled with clouds. At the bottom of the hill the land levels out and the woods begin.

And through the woods you take that path that’s wide and light filled for its entire length and then you see the space among the trees opening and the light gets brighter and as you approach this opening, you see the pond’s edge lie there like a mirror.  It is dotted with water lilies.  Dark black-green speckles in the light.  And the woods surround the farther bank and enclose it.  Here in this silent far place the koi live and swim in the underwaterness of their glassy pond that is round like a coin and dark like wine and cold and crisp and eternal.

And their swimming is utterly silent and their dreams are unknowable and ineluctable.


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