The latest large koi drawing has come this far along.  It’s approximately 60 by 55 inches — somewhere in that range — and it’s drawn using Caran d’ache water soluable crayons on Arches watercolor paper.  I decided to make some of the new koi drawings as “sketches” even though they are large.  By saying that they are sketches, I mean that I am working with more freedom and spontaneity throwing caution windward.  Sometimes the size of a picture can tend to make the artist more cautious — or sometimes the materials have this effect — whenever you are doing something in which you feel there is greater risk, somehow, you might tend to slow down and be more deliberate.  And, I decided that for experiment’s sake, as well as simply for the joy of it, that I would approach some of these large koi drawings more boldly since I like the appearance of a “sketch” and equally much I like the spirit of invention and want to exploit it to the full.

A detail of the central section demonstrates how many textures are in the picture so far.  It’s made in a rough manner.  I got the blocking in done today (all the paper is more or less covered with something) and I will continue piling on the pigment, but my approach is one of “just have at it.”   It’s through this manner that I get ideas.

At a much earlier stage, when it was only half-way as far along as now, it looked like this.

6 thoughts on “Giant Koi Sketching

  1. aloha Aletha – way cool. that is a beautiful size to work. i appreciate your approach – i think that brings life into a work. i like the energy and line stroke that gives this work so much texture. to me… this is way fun. aloha.

  2. thank you, Rick, and aloha — I love drawing big, is so much closer to the actual thing, drawing it life size — and then to draw it a little larger than life size — well, that is like dreaming it! Very fun, indeed, aloha again

  3. hahaha and aloha Aletha, i like your dream size. yeah. i have worked watercolor up to about 60 x 40 inches – not often tho. more 30 x 22 as a common larger size. working big again is a destination for me. i still have a roll of canvas that is 5 feet wide and a smaller roll that is 6 feet wide. some day, one day, yeah. until then, watching you work big – ahhhhhh – keeps my destination in focus. thank you. aloha

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