I worked on the same motif as I did yesterday, only this time making a 9 x 12 inch watercolor drawing.  Something about this drawing stirred up big ambitions.  The ambition is not just for big pictures, but for big experiences and for that the drawing could be large or small.  The largeness of what I find I desire is an image, a dream, a sense of the whole page and how it is ordered.

Colors.  Juxtapositions.  Putting this color next to that.  And the water, the memory of water, the cold movement of water, this world of the fish.  To float. 

But for me, as an artist, it is a banquet of seeing.  I want to see a lot of stuff.  All the colors, the lines as they come from the brush or the crayon.  I am thinking of all kinds of ways of making the lines.  Imagine imposing a grid over it all so that there are squares, each a window into which I can peer a little more deeply.  Think of the water as a door, and it leads into the picture.  The reality of the pond is a door of thought opening, and you go through that door into colors and lines that you make or that you see.  And the time flowing is now the water, and your own happiness is like the joy of the fish.


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