If you are starting out in art, I think the basic thing is to learn to draw.  And to learn to draw takes time, of course, but along the way and at the beginning, you should just draw everything.  Or anything. 

I used to have rabbits back in the 80s.  Peter was especially sweet and tame.  I named him after the fellow of the famous Beatrix Potter stories and would follow him around in the yard to draw him.  He would come running to me if I called his name.  He was incredibly affectionate. 

Drawing animals from life takes patience and some willingness to start over a lot since they can move at any moment.  But when animals are comfortable they’ll usually hold a pose “long enough.”  And sometimes even their movement can be compensated by their having a repertoire of behaviors.  So, sometimes even though they scoot, you’ll find that they’ll resume the same posture again a few moments later.

In the top right-hand side, the rabbit standing is — I’m pretty sure — copied after a Potter drawing.   A brief appearance of the namesake.

We have a rabbit hanging around the yard many evenings now  — now that there’s a lush garden outside growing all the things that rabbit’s love.  And I am able to walk up to her and have a conversation.  But as yet this wild rabbit is too skittish to draw.  Just a little conversation and poof!  She’s gone.


One thought on “Drawing is the basic thing

  1. Lovely bunnies (we are not allowed to have bunnies in Queensland – in other States you are – which says a lot about the people running the country, that they don’t quite grasp the concept of bunnies travelling from one part of the country to another – doh!). I love Peter Rabbit (such a naughty bunny – always running off and losing his clothes and going to bed without his dinner).

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