Someone says you can’t use a grid, it’s too rigid or it’s been done.  Or it was modern, but now it’s not anymore.  I heard some of these things, but I have ignored them. 

I want a grid because the fish have gotten rowdy.  They swim all over the place and don’t listen to me at all.  They do whatever they please.  They’re out of control. 

They need discipline!

So I fitted this grid over them and it’s like putting a leash on each one, and forever I was to take them out for walks like obedient canines.  For a while, but they found a way around that plan, Clever Koi.  I have begun gradually to discover that each square of the grid had changed into its own new and separate picture, and inside these smaller pictures the koi found just as much freedom as before. 

Each square opened like a window into space and time, and it turned out that, though the squares are smaller, each one has as much stuff packed into it as the one picture had held alone!  Indeed, somehow the parts grew to more than the sum of the whole, and I find myself fooled by a weird new math invented by the koi.

I imposed the grid to be their discipline but they swam around anyway and now they have more space and more freedom than ever!  What Descartes didn’t know!  The koi devised!

I built a little gridded space-time bridge I use to walk above the pond.


2 thoughts on “Putting round koi into square holes

  1. Haha – love this post – Koi maths (well that is just sublime) and your space-time bridge is awesome (I might make my own 😉 ). Another one for the book 🙂

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