Kitchen Table Moments

I have the watercolor pan out, and it’s so easy to just pull out a sheet of paper and get going.  It’s one perpetual poolside of koi drawing.  I am shamelessly drawing and redrawing the same picture.  I am hypnotizing myself with koi!  Or perhaps the koi hypnotize me.  Il faut refaire la même chose dix fois cent fois has become moveable feast.   I can do the koi pond anytime I sit down at the kitchen table, and I can carry drawings about with me and work at them other places too.

The watercolor pan is my studio.  The watercolor pan is my koi pond.

This one’s kind of a doodle sheet.  I have a larger koi pond on a sheet of fine French watercolor paper that I’ve gridded up nicely to keep the koi under control.  But this pond sprang up on Southworth “Connoisseur Collection” fancy 100% cotton, premium weight Business Paper (cream-colored).  A box comes with 250 sheets.  Potentially that’s a lot of doodled koi.  In between sessions working on the big one, I sometimes feel the pull of making a new one.  Hence, these doodles. 

I do them for fun.  They are like humming.