The business of koi is koi

It may seem odd, given how much I paint the koi in their pond, that I am always looking for ways to do more of them.  I am a very business-oriented koi person.  I try to increase production.  The koi themselves try to do that too, but they use different methods.

Anyway, one — among the many appeals of the grid is that it leads nicely into more work.  The picture, for me at least, becomes a kind of knitting.  All the “what if” is removed for a while and it’s simply a matter of rolling up one’s sleeves and getting to work.  And the work is all laid out in the form of these squares to be filled.  Fill them and move on — to more squares!  And more!

When I was a child everyone entering the room during pea season was expected to grab a pan and start shelling.  I feel that way about these koi drawings.  And when I have a bunch of them, it’s nice to look back and be glad of the work.

So, be warned.  If you ever come by my house in koi season, expect to be handed a watercolor pan.  For when the koi are in, everybody’s got to paint!