I used to imitate the old masters very self-consciously.  I used to think — and it was wise instinct working — that whatever the old masters did, they did for good reasons, reasons that one could only hope to understand through emulation, of walking a few miles in their shoes.  So, you find artists like Rubens and Ingres who draw figures over top other figures, and I thought to myself: “got to try that.”

I didn’t have a model handy.  But I had a dog.  So I drew one Molly sleeping over top another Molly sleeping.  My dog was happy to oblige my artistic requirements by fidgeting around in her sleep.

Now with self-generated art lessons receeding into the background, she looks like two companionable dogs together, or one dog perhaps dreaming dog dreams.  Molly was such a smart and lively canine, I’ve no doubt that her dreams were indeed rich with Molly memories of her many Molly adventures.

Now only one question remains “which dog is the dreamer and which one the dream?”


11 thoughts on “Molly Dreaming About Herself: what dogs dream

  1. I use my fairly limited TV time to look at big ‘masters’ books, and sketch or do some watercolor practice. I’m not good with watercolors, but working though some vignettes from Homer and Sargent taught me a lot…

  2. Kaylyn, we start out not being good at something and then we get better at it. Drawing used to be the hardest thing for me, but I kept at it. Now it’s my favorite thing to do. Aletha

  3. Ben, you and Gabe could do a book on her — she would have made such a grand literary dog! Might be a bit too much like “Lassie”??? But if you ever want dog stories, I have more Molly drawings for inspiration ….

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