Koi slide between currents of water, the water like glass discloses the sky to me.  But what do the koi see?  What do they think about the clouds above them, the depths of blue?  How do they feel breaking the surface and feeling the air, knowing in that brief moment a not-water world that lives above them?

I have been making small koi drawings.  If the large koi pictures are ponds, these would be koi puddles, I suppose.  Guppies, fish in the fish bowl.

And of the blue?  What does one say of that?  For large acres of sky, I trade in little patches.  Bits of sky.  Sky confetti.  What a delight blue is.

Oh, let’s throw a party!  A sky party to celebrate, yes indeed.  I’ll give you a puddle-worth.  And we’ll splash like children again.


4 thoughts on “The sky above, the sky below

  1. A sky party – yayayay! I love the swirlingness of the painting – Koi on a mission 🙂 Beautiful words – I wonder what they think about the world above – there is probably some fear of those strange birds who would kill them in a flash or maybe some envy (we always want what we can’t have) or maybe they just think about eating like a lot of animals.

  2. Destined to imbue a tepid, aqueous mirage…
    Deft navigators donning lustrous attire, innately flutter their Fins, whirling in a tizzy, sending ripples soaring with
    A specter of celestial nuances, in concert with shimmering flit.

    To be continued… ;.)

    Loving the Koi!

    Something to carp about:
    I cannot get on fb since the following day of our last conversation (all week). Curious about you? Please shoot me an email.

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