I want to do another dark pond like the Agenor’s Friends painting I did years ago.  (I miss Agenor, what a great fish.)  So I have begun making a few little “dark pond” drawings. 

I began this one in watercolor.  I shall have to go forward with it, I suppose, though I hate to lose the white of the paper.  But it can hardly be a dark pond if it isn’t dark.

This is an early drawing I did for Agenor.  And it became this — eventually.

As I say, I have been missing Agenor.  He was Bonnard’s fish, though, not mine.  Wish I could find a picture of Bonnard’s painting on the internet, but I am the victim of my own enthusiasm for him.  Each search I do on “Agenor” and Bonnard brings up my own stuff.


5 thoughts on “I like to repeat myself

  1. I just did a search on images for Agenor and Bonnard and it is a virtual Aletha Kuschan art gallery – fantastic! But now I really want to see the real Bonnard’s Agenor (where did you see it first?).

  2. Agenor’s friends inspired a poem? What poem is that?

    I found the Bonnard painting in a book, “Bonnard at Le Cannet,” and if I could ever remember anything I’d attempt to scan the picture from the book. But the book is stored somewhere at the studio … ai yi yi, if I could ever keep up with things …. But I’ll try to remember to do it sometime. I stole only the fish from Bonnard: Agenor is the fish in the middle bottom, red and white.

  3. I am astonished that I forgot it! He wrote the poem, judging by its date, not long after we “met.” That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why I forgot. Thanks for finding it for me, Gabe. Oh, the meaning it takes on now ….

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