The Koi are going modular.  The pond is broken into quadrants which can afterwards be rearranged.  (There could be a board game hidden in here somewhere …)

I have no idea why I am doing this except for the age-old of excuse, “Just Because.”  They can be rearranged all sorts of ways, see–

As soon as I make some more, I can expand the pond.  The koi need more room.


4 thoughts on “Create-a-Pond

  1. I absolutely love how free your expressions are, and your koi are always charming. I have found myself with a huge fascination towards mermaids recently, but I have never tried to just pick up a brush or a pastel to just go for it. I have always put hours of time and effort into planning and execution with a great amount of detail. That isn’t always a good thing, however, as I often find myself making use of a scattershot method of completing projects and often abandoning those I get tired of. This summer I think that I will try this method of yours and see how it goes.

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