Before our earthquake (actually it was Mineral, Virginia’s earthquake, but why quibble) I was drawing the honey jar set up.  Had planned to work some more at my honey jar painting, but Mother Nature had other plans for Washington DC’s regions and its residents.  First I thought there was an uncommonly heavy truck going down the nearby road. After hollering out “what’s that sound” and not getting any answer from the family members, a few seconds consideration let me figure what it was for myself.  The shelves started swaying, the entire house shook hard, and I began wondering whether I might find myself buried under a pile of heavy art books.  (Am thinking about Kindle in a whole new way.)

Well, its being my first — hopefully, my only — earthquake, I spent the rest of the day browsing the internet reading comments and finding out about seismology in the Eastern US.

Still haven’t gotten back to my honey jar painting yet.  But I will.  Got to. And quick, too.

Hurricane Irene is coming.


6 thoughts on “Drawing bit by bit (with interruptions)

  1. I was thinking of you Aletha! Glad you are alright – had to laugh at your ‘Am thinking about Kindle in a whole new way’ – haha. Lovely pictures – maybe you should put a crack in the honey jar!

  2. we had minor vibes here in Montreal, some people, over sensitive, felt it. I did not, and I thaught I was a sensitive type!
    On Monday we are supposed to have tropical storm from Irene!

  3. You are the sensitive type, Ben, but for lines and sight I guess! Hope that the US can wear Irene out for you some. Sounds like Mother Nature is not happy with east coast Americans right now. I might not be posting for a while. Last hurricane came near here — we were without electricity for a week …. good time to read books by daylight and to draw.

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